Kibinge & Bukomansimbi


Connect2Uganda is a local joint venture in which NGOs, the municipality of Deventer, education and business join forces on the field of international cooperation in Uganda.

The activities support the work of two NGOs from Deventer: UP4S and children from Uganda. These NGOs work on improving the living conditions of young people in the subcounties Kibinge and Bukomansimbi in Uganda.

Connect2u ganda focuses mainly on 3 themes:
Agricultural/economic development, gezondheidsbevordering and education/knowledgeExchange

Opportunities and do it yourself is the starting point of Connect2uganda. People know best where their opportunities, and find what they need to move forward.

Connect2uganda therefore supports initiatives and projects that the local population, including young people, itself. The support provided by Connect2uganda can be anything; a Hairdresser who girls helps to start a hair salon to a student team that helps groentetuin with the building of a school and teachers who support teachers in hetgroenonderwijs in Uganda.

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