On Friday 21 and Saturday 22 september Saturday kept students of 't Elderberry and AOC Oost Twello a large water action for Uganda at the market in deventer.
They were selling bottled drinking water for 1 euro each.

The yield is meant to be a water drill, water pumps and drop-irrigation systems for school gardens in the project area by purchase Connect2Uganda.
In October, these pupils, in total a group of 24, into the project area to work with Ugandan students activities in the field of lifestyle, health and sport.
The end of the water action on the market coincided with the visit of Archbishop and Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu to the statue of Albert Schweitzer on the Brink.
Desmond Tutu hieldeen inspiring speech in which he, among other things, the importance of clean drinking water for healthy development of children.
And that was exactly where the water action on the Deventer was intended also for market!
Caitlin Hamdani (pupil AOC Twello) and Marlous de Vries (pupil 't elder) were allowed to tell the audience what they are going to do in Uganda in October and Desmond Tutu offer a bottle of drinking water. A beautiful experience! 

desmond tutu water2desmond tutu water