The cooperating partners use each other's expertise, networks and experiences. By working together to increase the effectiveness of individual efforts is and can be used (substantive and financial) resources more efficiently. The cooperation also helps to broad support in the region of Deventer.

The current five partners and may also put new partners to own knowledge, experience and networks in these three goals.

Children from Uganda (KvU) Foundation has been involved in Kibinge and put in networks present.
The community house built with the support of KvU serves as the location for the realization of the goals in Kibinge. By workshops community action plan is the involvement of local communities supported in the target realization. The local communities of Kibinge have some plans. These range from planting trees, improving water supply, stimulating agricultural associations and small business, setting up a vocational training program, building the community house, giving workshops community action plan, improving the quality of education, health education, construction of school gardens for food supply of students, sports promotion and trauma relief through art workshops. With the implementation of some of these plans is already a start was made by the local communities. These activities may in the near future may serve as an example for UP4S and other organisations in the region.

AOC Twello brings expertise in agricultural projects such as school gardens
The school puts online expertise in and organises work placements and working visits by pupils/students. Pupils who have been in Uganda are ambassadors of the partnership. They have to, after their stay in Uganda, people in the region Deventer to tell about their experiences. Before that, they give presentations to various institutions, such as elementary schools, community organizations and churches. This will create the students more support for development cooperation in the region.

Leerling AOC-Oost tijdens workshop HIV/AIDS preventie
Pupil AOC-East during workshop HIV/AIDS prevention

The municipality of Deventer supports the partnership by facilitating contacts, processes and partners.
In addition, the municipality is committed to participation in a program of VNG International. The municipality wants to give support to local authorities in Uganda in the field of policy development and implementation with regard to the three priorities. Deventer is a proponent of the work on the basis of the "city-wide approach". This developed in the framework of the UN Habitat Conference method, includes a multi-actors and multi-sectors approach in a defined area. The multi-actors aspect means that the component "strengthening local governance", also the activities of civil society organisations can be added. According to this holistic approach to develop the local and regional authorities together with all interested partners a coherent, integrated programme and carry this out. For the local and/or regional government here and there is an important role as a Director.

Up4S Foundation was founded by Sylvia Mbabazi-Rus, which itself comes from Bukomansimbi and therefore much knowledge of the area and the Ugandan culture.
UP4S has a strong school organisation and a large local network. Cooperation will initially focus on the setting up of small-scale agricultural projects and health promotion projects. Experiences gained in Kibinge Bukomansimbi and be mutually exchanged. 

Windesheim Honours College (WHC) puts expertise in project management and research, specifically in the areas of health care and communications & media.
WHC carries through internships and education projects surveys for all phases of the project management cycle (for example, situation analysis, stakeholder analysis, monitoring, project evaluation). Also can support WHC making project proposals and project implementation plans. WHC will act as switching point between the demand from the Ngos in Uganda and the offer of interns in Netherlands.

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