Kibinge and Bukomansimbi are poor rural areas which are representative for large parts of Uganda. The area consists of small villages, hidden among forests and banana plantations, with poor infrastructure and scarce drinking water facilities often lack electricity, where amenities include primary and secondary education, a very moderate and hardly health care. It's a poor region where farming life of coffee and banana cultivation. Parents/caregivers are sometimes unable to by poverty children to feed and to pay for education. It used to be an important region for the coffee production Kibinge with cooperatives, but these are the last few years, partly due to acts of war, disappeared. As a result, the poor economic position hardly can be invested. The people are thrown back on itself to literally survive.


In particular, the Hoofddorp Buyoga Kibinge and is led by the artist Fred Mutebi and set in motion a movement supported by KvU where local communities in workshops community action plan to start thinking about their current situation. With and through them are in the workshops ideas formed about ways of improving and there are plans together. Key concept is cooperation. Only through cooperation initiatives can be developed. This is a difficult process because this calls for mutual trust and inspiration. Small concrete improvements will support this process: there really changes that strengthen the hope on structural improvements. Changes they by self-motivation and responsibility. The local communities have a number of improvement plans drawn up. For example, planting trees initiative including the mutuba tree, to combat climate change. One wants in the area planting 1 million trees on plots of small farmers and along roads. The tree supplies the sustainable product bark cloth on. one is to work and there are now 5,000 trees planted and is an Association for bark cloth in inception.

With the support of the community house Buyoga, KvU is built in as a community home for the whole sub county Kibinge that apply as the center of activities. Examples of such activities are setting up school gardens at nine elementary schools, projects for rabbits and bees keep and improve the water supply.

Kibinge has deprived of that support so far. Almost everything has to be built up from the ground.


UP4S has succeeded in a model school system that serves as an example in the region. In 2010 the primary school expanded to include a high school. UP4S wants to share her knowledge and experience with schools in the region. There is still no concrete program but the partnership can this thought though.

The collaboration has become visible in Bukomansimbi by a number of agricultural activities where students of AOC Twello in september-October 2011. By setting up a school garden and a project with small production animals (w. o goats and chickens) wants to improve the diet of the UP4S pupils and the costs, which are necessary in order to feed the students. In the longer term, the pilot can serve as a model project for the local communities around Bukomansimbi and in Kibinge.

Leerlingen van AOC Twello aan het werk in Bukomansimbi
Students of AOC Twello to work in Bukomansimbi

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