Through the partnership Deventer-Uganda the five partners want the KvU and Up4S activities, aimed at improving the living condition of children, strengthen.
We work according to a network approach, in which organizations and companies in the region and working with partners in Bukomansimbi Deventer Kibinge. It comes to rural development with a number of specific projects presented by local communities in Kibinge and UP4S.

The approach to the partnership is characterized by:

  • own initiative and self motivation to improve the living conditions of the local population
  • area-specific approach: in one area supporting coherent mutually reinforcing initiatives whereby a larger social return is achieved;
  • a growth model in which step by step part projects are developed and implemented.
  • cooperation:
    • between participating organisations in Uganda;
    • with the Government in implementing of rural policy and the Masaka district structural improvement of the position of vulnerable children in education and care;
    • promoting cooperation in Netherlands in support of following subprojects: educational institutions, organisations, Governments and businesses.
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